TECHXTILE Innovation League has been designed to support innovative and technology-driven entrepreneurship, as well as the processes of innovation.  It is accepted that the real reward is the development of the entrepreneurial abilities of the companies, the strengthening of the ecosystem and the internalization of the innovation culture by the industry stakeholders.

Therefore, awards will be given to improve the skills of the company representatives participating in the TECHXTILE Innovation League, to make the innovative projects of the companies more visible, and to establish cooperation within the industry. Awards are as follow.

  • The company winning the first-place prize (the Champion) will be given the opportunity to have a total of 5,000 TL+VAT for the tests included in the BUTEKOM current test list.
  • Companies that made it in the top 10 will be entitled to participate in 3 applied training sessions they have chosen among the 5 applied training options listed below. Only 2 people out of 10 selected companies will be able to participate in the applied trainings. Depending on the number of participants, the training sessions will be held in groups and with a maximum of 10 people. Training dates will be set by
  • Applied Laboratory Trainings (The top ten companies will be able to choose only 3 of the applied training options below)
    • SEM – Examination of different types of yarns and fabrics with Scanning Electron Microscope
    • Waterproof Test Training
    • Fabric Tear Strength Test Training
    • Water Vapor and Thermal Permeability Resistance (Comfort) Test Training
    • Protective Clothing – Vertical Burn Test Training
  • Mini-MBA Program: Companies in the top 10 will be eligible to participate in the Mini MBA program under the mentorship of academic Ufuk BATUM. Only 3 people from each company can participate.
  • TechXtile Innovation Logo Usage Right: The companies that are in the top 10, as the winners in the Techxtile Innovation League, will have right to use TechXtile Innovation League logo for 1 year in their web pages, invoices and correspondence.