The “TechXtile Start-Up Challenge”, which we have successfully carried out so far creates an entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Textile and Apparel sectors and brings young entrepreneurs into the sector,  and continues to contribute to the development of entrepreneurship awareness in our country this year. We are very happy and proud to realize the only techno-enterprise program focused on the textile industry in Turkey.

Over time, TechXtile Start-Up Challenge went beyond the competition period and turned into a constantly living structure with qualified trainings, mentoring support, one-on-one meetings and collaborations with business people and investors. This structure, which is shaped by the needs of the sector and our entrepreneurs, is gradually expanding. With this development, we continue to work as the “TechXtile Platform”, which we brought together all activities under one roof and which we brought to life as of last year.

Growing every year and the results we get are an indication of how well we work. We believe that the valuable support of our stakeholders and the right steps we have taken, in addition to the great effort and knowledge we have spent, have led us to success in such a short time. Our greatest desire is; To contribute to the development of our entrepreneurs and our sector, to lead the realization of innovative ideas in increasing competition and constantly renewed market conditions. Thus, we aim to contribute to the economy of our country with the technologies that can be applied, scalable, that support the formation of foreign trade surplus and current account surplus, with technologies that solve the problems of the sector.

We wish success to all our entrepreneur candidates in advance for the “TechXtile Start Up Challenge”, which focuses on “Value Entrepreneurships and Collaborations in the Technological Fields” and will compete with projects that will directly benefit the textile and apparel industry. I would like to thank all our stakeholders, institutions and organizations with whom we have worked together in our program, which will be held for the fourth time this year.



Chairman of the Board

Uludağ Textile Exporters Association