Information Technologies and Software

Business Analysis and Management Reporting Software, High-Speed ​​Data Collecting and Processing Systems, New Algorithm Software and Applications Used in Production, Simulation Software, Image Processing Technologies, Quality Control and Zero-Error Efficiency Software, Predictive Software Applications, Fast and Easy-to-Apply ERP Software, 3D Modeling Software, Artificial Intelligence Applications, Embedded Systems, Traceability Applications or Software in Chemical Materials;  CRM Applications etc.


Advanced Materials

High Strength Materials, Phase Change Materials, Nano Fibers, Composites and Composites Applicable Resins, UV Resistant Materials, Invisible Seams in Infrared, Invisible Materials on Radar, Anti-Odor Materials, Water Repellent Materials, Antistatic Materials, Thermoplastic Materials, Frequently Washable and Durable Materials, New Materials for Obesity and Diabetes, Coating Materials, Compounding and Special Adhesive Systems, UV Reflective Materials, Aramids, Micro Capsules etc.


Process and Production Technologies

Systems Increasing Efficiency and Capacity Utilization in Production, Rapid Prototyping Technologies, Seamless Production Technologies, Plasma Technologies, Ultrasonic Coatings, New Processes Increasing Ozone Utilization, Innovative Spinning Machines, Innovative Recipes, Optimization and Standardization in Recipes, Melanges, Customization Approaches in Design, Spinning New Approaches, Fiber Surface Modification, Carbon Fibers, Process Optimization, Innovative Production Technologies (Finishing, Paint Shop and Other), New Machinery, Equipment and Production Systems, Machine Design and Production, Paint Synthesis and Reactive Paints, Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Applications etc.


Environment and Sustainability

New Polymers, Biopolymers, Natural Fibers and Materials, Natural Oils (Olive, Avocado, etc.), Processability in Hemp and New Production Methods, Phosphate-Free Environmental Approaches, Algae Printing Methods, Natural Softeners, Biodegradable Materials, Renewable Energy Applications in Textiles , Smart Energy Management Systems, Energy and Water Savings, Innovative Applications or Software Regarding Corporate Carbon Footprint, Carbon Neutral Applications, Applications or Systems Regarding Water Footprint, Zero Waste, Innovative Applications in Waste Management, Solution Suggestions Regarding “Green Consensus”, Circular Economy Based Practices, Recycled Products and System Solutions, Sustainable Materials and Technologies in Packaging, Waterless Dyeing Methods, Waste Water Applications, New Treatment Methods, Small and Compact Systems in Treatment, Recycled and/or Organic Textiles, Natural Fibers etc.


Technical Textile

Uncut Fabrics and Materials (Gloves Etc.), Industrial Cloths (Parachute Fabric etc.), Outdoor (Outdoor) Textiles (Mold And Chlorine Resistant Tennic Properties), Fireproof (Flammable) or Cooling Feature Fabrics, Ballistic Applications, Wearable Technologies , Photovoltaic and Photocatalytic Textiles, Acoustic (Sound Insulation) Fabrics and Textiles, Fabrics with High Air Permeability, Dirt Repellent and Easy-to-Clean Fabrics, Self-Cleaning Textiles, Conductive Fabrics for Defense Industry, Attenuation Fabrics, Textiles with ECG Measurement, Sensor Technologies and Applications, Textiles to Imitate Muscles (Enhanced Textile), Medical and Protective Textile Materials, Hybrid Yarns, Performance-Enhancing Smart Textiles, Sensor Applications, Electronic Textiles, Chip Fabrics, Led Design Textiles, Flexible Electronics, Technical Textiles, Active Environmental Solvents and Coatings etc.


Nationality and Locality

New and National Raw Materials in Yarn, Paint and Chemicals, Local Wool Raw Materials, Localization of Imported Raw Materials (Clay Based Washers, Phosphate and Boron Based Raw Materials, Silicone Oils etc.)


New Areas, Technologies and Applications Within the Scope of COVID-19

Antiallergic, Antibacterial, Antimicrobial and Antiviral Materials, Sterilization Methods, Negative Ion Applications and Staining Methods with Bacteria and/or Microorganisms



Advanced Automation in Production, Robotic Applications, Digital Transformation, Digital Mirroring Systems, “Digital Platforms” for Sales, Marketing, Promotion and Other Fields, Industry Applicable AI, AR, MR, VR Technologies.

İndustry 4.0 etc.