1. The project applications are to be fully downloaded including the Contest Specifications, ANNEX1 and ANNEX2 forms in the ‘Application’ tab on the page and completely filled out and signed.
  2. The type of the application will be selected from the “Uploading the Project” section on the application tab.


  • Level Up | Idea Stage Entrepreneur Category (Individual or Team Entrepreneurs, Academics, Entrepreneur Candidates)

This category is dedicated to entrepreneurs whose initiatives are still at the idea stage and who are still developing a product/service that will meet the expectations of the user/customer at the most basic level. The purpose of this category is to support the transformation process of innovative business ideas, having commercialization potential, into products.


  • Scale Up | Category for Entrepreneurs Who Have Already Developed Products & Services (Individual or Team Entrepreneurs, Start-Up Companies, Academics)

In this category, entrepreneurs who have passed the idea stage and have developed a product or service with commercialization and scaling potential compete. The major requirement for applying for this category is that the entrepreneurs have already established their venture before applying for the program. The purpose of this category is to enable early stage startups with potential to gain success in the market by promoting their Product/Market compatibility discovery processes and networks.

  1. The information about the Project Owner and Coordinator, Project Information, and the Skills and Experiences of the Entrepreneur or Team will be filled in completely in the pages that come up.
  2. Attachments to the project and previously downloaded Contest Specifications from the File Upload section, ANNEX 1: Undertaking Form and ANNEX 2: After filling and wet signing the Enlightenment Statement Form on Law on Protection of Personal Data, it will be uploaded to complete the application.
  3. Project Offer Explanations: The explanations in each title of the Forms in the “Uploading the Project” title should be read carefully and the project offer should be sent in this format.
  4. The project owner shall have responsibility in situations that might occur due to the incomplete or different information in the project application.
  5. Supporting elementa such as the tables, figures etc. may be included on the Uploading Project Files section. All this information has been limited to a maximum of 3 pages. Applications shall not be accepted otherwise.
  6. The project offers can be published as an e-book to appear on the website, and to be distributed in all digital events to be organized about the contest and on the day of the award ceremony; and the book will include the Name of the Project, Project Coordinator, Project Team, E-Mail Addresses of the Project Teams, English Summary, Turkish Summary, Project Budget, Project Duration as well as images about the project. Therefore, the images about the project summaries should be duly prepared.
  7. Oral presentation of the Project. Participants will have the opportunity to deliver a PowerPoint presentation to introduce the project on the times and in the sessions to be approved of the final event to be held in physical environment.

In addition, a maximum 5-10 minute and 5-10 slides of an oral presentation opportunity can be planned within the Award Ceremony Program Flow with the owners of the project offers that are deemed successful and worthy of the award by the Evaluation Committee. In both cases, the oral presentation schedule shall be notified to the participant. The project owners that are approved for making oral presentations in digital environment should send their PowerPoint presentations until the stated date before the event, until the end of working hours, to the address

  1. The project offers that are not compliant with the issues and terms of participation stated in the TECHXTILE Start-Up Challenge Contest Specifications shall not be presented for the evaluation of the Evaluation Committee.
  2. The project offers that are not sent by the date and time of the application deadline as informed on the website shall not be taken into consideration, and the project owner shall be responsible for the incomplete information about the projects.
  3. The project owner whose application has been accepted is notified via an e-mail.
  4. All the relevant problems and questions within the scope of technical support services can be sent to the address and team members at
  5. The project owners should declare the above information completely during application. The applications that are made with incomplete information shall not be taken into consideration.
  6. The originals of all documents shall be completed with wet signatures by the competitors/team members, and sent to BUTEKOM – attn. to Emine Can (address: Demirtaş Dumlupınar OSB Mahallesi Çiğdem 2. Sokak No:1/4 16245 Osmangazi/BURSA) before the project deadline of October 24, 2021. Project summaries, images…etc should be saved on a CD or USB before sending. UTIB might request the other documents and information that might be necessary.
  7. It is not possible to withdraw a project application.
  8. Entrepreneurs, academics, start-up companies or entrepreneur, academic and mixed teams can apply with multiple ideas, however, they may be finalists with just one of their applications as the jury shall determine.
  9. In case of team participation, the owner of the award shall be the project coordinator or someone from the project team as established in the application form.