“UTIB International R&D Project Market Summit in Turkey Textile and Confection Industry”, which has been held since 2009 in order to support the textile and confection industry, which are among the most important exporting sectors of Turkey, and to contribute to the achievement of our country’s export targets, is a serious event with an innovative perspective. In 2019, it was transformed into an entrepreneurship program called “TechXtile Start-Up Challenge”. With this transformation, in the focus of ‘Value Entrepreneurships and Collaborations in Technology’;  scalable, commercializable, and innovative projects compete and are supported.

In its second year, the program organized the most important entrepreneurship contest focused on the textile sector in Turkey and has become a living “Entrepreneurship Platform” that is home to trainings, collaborations, and various events organized throughout the year. With this successful transformation, an important decision was taken, and the TechXtile Platform was established and as of 2021, all activities were gathered under one roof.

TechXtile Start-Up Challenge, which will be held for the fourth time this year, promotes the incorporation of new technologies and methods into production, the design of innovative products, the strengthening of university-industry cooperation, and increasing added value in exports in the field of textiles. Innovative ideas with technological depth, innovation and commercialization capability compete for the textile and confection industry in the program. Many practices, training, and activities realized before and after the contest, entrepreneurs, R&D Centers, innovators, industrialists, public institutions, academics, and students are gathered through different platforms and are encouraged to improve.

As TechXtile Start-Up Challenge team, with our strong belief of every Turkish Lira allocated for R&D and innovation by Turkey, we advocate believe that this should reflect on the industry and society as welfare share. In line with the fieldwork, we determined the technological fields that are deemed primary by the textile companies. In the thirteenth year of the program, we desire that our innovating teams, entrepreneurs, and academics apply to this program with innovative ideas in these fields.