Evaluation Process

The projects will be reviewed by the “Evaluation Committee”, which consists of innovation professionals and academicians, and the companies that make it to the semi-finals will be determined according to their scores.

After the companies submit their applications through the Project Upload page on https://techxtile.net/ , they will be evaluated based on the content of their videos and their answers in the application form. Announcement of projects passing the qualifying stage will be made on the website. Companies will be evaluated in the TechXtile Innovation League in accordance with the Contest Evaluation Principles set forth below.

Project applicants do not have the right to deny the Evaluation Criteria. They agree in advance to all Evaluation Principles that exist at the moment of their applications or that shall can be created or changed later on.

Evaluation Criteria for Videos and Written Documents and Scoring Principles

  • General explanation of the company’s perspective on R&D and innovation
  • Description of the personnel structure of the company (in the R&D or Design)
  • Presentation of the innovative idea submitted to the TechXtile innovation league
  • Contribution of the innovative idea to the company and the industry
  • The foreseen or realized share of the innovation idea in the turnover