1. Techxtile Innovation League application form and innovation idea presentation form must be filled in completely.
  2. Attachments to the project and previously downloaded Contest Specifications from the File Upload section, ANNEX 1: Undertaking Form and ANNEX 2: After filling and wet signing the Enlightenment Statement Form on Law on Protection of Personal Data, it will be uploaded. Also, ANNEX 3: Innovation League Application Form and ANNEX 4: The application will be completed by completing the Innovation Idea Presentation Form documents completely.
  3. Referenced Project Descriptions: The explanations in each title of the Forms in the “Uploading the Project” title should be read carefully and the project offers should be sent in this format.
  4. The company is required to verbally explain the most innovative projects of the relevant year with a short video of maximum 2 minutes (1 video for each project) and upload the video of maximum 2 GB to the application portal. You can upload patents, images, etc. of the innovation to the “Other Documents” section of the web portal. Evaluations will be made by considering the video, which will be a maximum of 2 minutes, the idea presentation card entered into the portal and the “other documents” submitted in annexes. The video is expected to contain:
  • General explanation of the company’s perspective on R&D and innovation
  • Description of the personnel structure of the company (in the R&D or Design)
  • Presentation of the innovative idea submitted to the TechXtile innovation league
  • Contribution of the innovative idea to the company and the sector
  • The foreseen or realized share of the innovation idea in the turnover
  1. The Participation Specification must be signed and uploaded to the web portal.
  2. The project owner shall have responsibility in situations that might occur due to the incomplete or different information in the project application.
  3. The project offers that are not compliant with the issues and terms of participation stated in the TECHXTILE Innovation League Contest Specifications shall not be presented for the evaluation of the Evaluation Committee.
  4. The project offers that are not sent by the date and time of the application deadline as informed on the website shall not be taken into consideration, and the project owner shall be responsible for the incomplete information about the projects.
  5. The project owner whose application is accepted shall be notified via an e-mail.
  6. All the relevant problems and questions within the scope of technical support services can be sent to the address and team members at
  7. Company representatives should declare the above information completely during application. The applications that are made with incomplete information shall not be taken into consideration.
  8. It is possible for companies and R&D Centers to apply with more than one project, but they can only be finalists with one project to be determined by the judges panel.
  9. In case of team participation, the owner of the award shall be the company representative or an authorized person within the team as established in the application form.