The 8-week R&D Centers Capacity Building Support training organized by UTİB for the finalist companies within the scope of TechXtile Innovation League 2021 has been completed.

The 8-week training program organized by Uludağ Textile Exporters Association (UTİB) for the TechXtile Innovation League 2021 finalist companies has ended. Regarding the training program carried out under the title of R&D Centers Capacity Building Support (mini-MBA Program), Pınar Taşdelen Engin, Chairman of the Board of UTİB, stated that they aim to raise innovative awareness in individuals and institutions and said, “Our education adventure has added a significant mobility to the innovation culture.”




TechXtile Program Coordinator Ufuk Batum, who stated that the aim of the training, in which the presentations were evaluated, was to increase exports based on innovation, said, “We exchanged ideas to increase initiatives from Turkey in our training, where we repeatedly emphasized that the cooperation of R&D centers with Start-Ups is of great importance. The information we learned from cross-domains and different sectors during our education drew a roadmap for us. Every company has a business model, culture and character. In the training, where these differences came together, our knowledge came out effectively. In the last training, we easily observed that our meetings, where our savings were affected by collision, made interactive progress.”




Batum, who also stated that the experienced participants who received training in the Mini-MBA Program developed by producing, said, “Managing, understanding and applying rapidly developing and changing technologies in all areas forms the basis of innovative business ideas. Entrepreneurs need to be activated and supported in order to develop innovation-based exports in our country. Our 8-week training gave our participants a culture of entrepreneurship and development in line with this purpose. I would like to thank the UTİB family for giving us the opportunity to come together in this organization, and I wish that similar practices will be implemented in our country.”


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