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It Should Be Specified Whether It Could Replace A Product That Is Still Imported or Whether It Is of An Exportable Quality.
Please Specify the Market Expectations, Providing Brief Information on the Competitors and Customers of the Product/Service Targeted at the End of the Project. (Maximum 1200 Characters) (The Current Status of the Market and Competition Analysis, the Potential Customers of the Product/Service to Be Developed and Why They Would Prefer You, And the Method Planned for the Marketing/Sale of the Product/Service Should Be Specified.)

Skills and Experiences

Short Profiles About the Participants Explaining their Knowledge and Experiences. (Maximum 1200 Characters) (The (1) Compliance of the Fields of Specialty With the Works to be Carried Out, (2) Previous Job Experience in Previous Similar Subjects, (3) The Nature of the Team They Will Create in Fields Needed by the Business Idea of the R & D or Design Centers Should be Specified.)

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Attach your images related to the purpose of the project from the file uploading section for explaining the project in further details and using them in printed materials. (Maximum 3 files) Each file should have a maximum size of 5 mb and should be in jpeg or pdf format.
* In case of participants passing the preselection stage, they will have to fill the agreement form with Attachment1 and Attachment2 in it, which are on the application section, completely without any missing parts and share their wet-ink signatured versions with UTİB. At this stage, it is enough for participants to read the terms of agreement.