How to Apply?

  1. The Competition Specifications will be downloaded, completely filled out and signed, including the ANNEX1 and ANNEX2 forms
  2. The type of the application will be selected from the “Uploading the Project” section on the application tab.
    1. Entrepreneur Category | Individual Application (Entrepreneur, Start-Up Company, Academic)
    2. Entrepreneur Category | Team Application (Entrepreneur, Start-Up Company, Academic)
    3. Corporate Category | Legal Entities such as R & D Centers, Design Centers, Corporate Companies, Institutes...etc.
  3. The information about the Project Owner and Coordinator, Project Information, and the Skills and Experiences of the Entrepreneur or Team will be filled in completely in the pages that come up
  4. 5. Project Offer Explanations: The explanations in each title of the Forms in the “Uploading the Project” title should be read carefully and the project offer should be sent in this format.