Evaluation Process

An arbitration board consisting of experts, industrialists, consultants, Technology Transfer Office (TTO) or Technopark managers or experts with experience in the field of Technological Entrepreneurship will carry out the evaluations.

All of the applications will be evaluated under the same conditions and under the relevant category

After the entrepreneurs make their applications on the Project Uploading page on http://www.techxtile.net, all of the participating entrepreneurs will be invited to the General Entrepreneurship Training.

The preselected projects will be announced on the website and the preselected projects will be entitled to training, and will receive the “Pitching (Investor Presentation) Training” from the program coordinators.

The entrepreneurs receiving the Pitching Training; will perform their project presentations before the Evaluation Committee consisting of the investors, R & D and Design Centers executives, textile employers, and the TTO and Technopark managers.

After the projects are determined by the Evaluation Committee, the finalist entrepreneurs will further improve their business models with the mentorship support, and present their final presentations at the Advanced Pitching to take place digitally between December 15 - 17. All of the entrepreneurs that are entitled to the finals will receive the award of mentorship support for a duration of 1 year.

Six (6) projects to be determined after the Advanced Pitching will be entitled to receive support and will have the stated awards.

1 project to be selected from the projects that will be entitled to receive support in the entrepreneur category will obtain the special award.

Those applying for projects do not have the right to deny the Evaluation Criteria. They agree in advance to all Evaluation Criteria that exist at the moment of their applications or that will can be created or changed later on.