Information Technologies and Software;

Systems that increase productivity and capacity use in production (executive reporting, analyses...etc.9, job analyses and management reporting software, systems that collect and process data at high speed, the new algorithms, software and applications used in production, simulation software, image processing technologies, quality control and zero-error productivity software, predictive software applications, rapid prototyping technologies, artificial intelligence applications, advanced automation in production, robotic applications, innovative software concerning carbon footprint, traceability applications, software in chemical materials...etc.


Advanced Materials;

New polymers, high resistance materials, phase changing materials, nanofibers, aramids, composites, applicable resins, workability and new production methods in cannabis, new processes that increase ozone use, innovative thread spinning machines, innovative prescriptions, optimization and standardization in prescriptions, melanges, customization approaches in design, surface modification in fiber, carbon fibers...etc.


Process and Production Technologies; 

Seamless production technologies, process optimization, innovative production technologies (bare finish, dye works and others), new machine, equipment and production systems, new approaches to spinning, plasma technologies...etc.


Environment and Sustainability;

Phosphate-free environmental approaches, biodegradable materials, renewable energy applications in textile, smart energy management, energy saving, innovative applications concerning carbon footprint, waterless dyeing methods, waste water applications, new refinement methods, small and compact systems, methods in refinement, recyclable and/or organic textiles, natural fibers, natural grains and materials, biopolymers...etc.


Technical Textile;

Incombustibility (flame retardancy), cooler fabrics, UV resistant materials, UV reflective materials, seams that are not visible under infrared, materials that are not visible in the radar, ballistic applications, wearable technologies, negative ion applications, photovoltaic textiles, anti-odor, cosmetic materials, microcapsules, acoustic-featured (with sound insulation) fabrics, textiles, ultrasonic coatings, materials with high water repellency, antistatic materials, fabrics with high air permeability, dirt resistant and easily cleanable fabrics, self-cleaning textiles, frequently washable durable materials, conductive fabrics for defense industry, new materials regarding obesity and diabetes, weight loss fabrics, textiles that can measure EKG, textiles that will imitate muscles (enhanced textile), medical and protective textiles, materials,


Nationality and Locality;

New national raw materials in threads, dyes and chemicals...etc.


New Areas, Technologies and Applications Within the Scope of COVID-19;

Antiallergic, Antibacterial, Antimicrobial, Antiviral materials, sterilization methods,